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Arcade Station EX
The Arcade Station is the world's premier arcade machine that plays all your favorite classic and next generation games. Simply connect your home video game systems or PC/Mac (up to four) to this amazing device and play any game arcade style. Literally play thousands of games in arcade style on just one machine. Bring home the real arcade experience with the most versatile arcade machine ever created.

Add style to your home game room with the traditional black melamine cabinet of Arcade Station EX. Sleek, simple, and compact, Arcade Station EX delivers all the pizzazz of its fancy big brothers. Authentic arcade components and construction are integrated with Quasimoto Interactive, Inc.'s patented interface to provide an amazingly untouchable arcade experience. Check it out here.

The Arcade Station's dynamic 2-player controller catapults arcade gaming into another league. The 19" high definition LCD monitor delivers razor sharp graphics. Intense sound pumps through the powerful 2.1 sound system. Connect up to FOUR systems simultaneously and switch between them with ease by using the built-in A/V control switchbox.

Compatible with PlayStation®, 2, 3, Xbox®, Wii®, GameCube®, and PC. Xbox® 360 support available as an upgrade. Contact us for more information.

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