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Adaptive Arcade Style Controllers

QuasiCon Axis 1P Controller

QuasiCon Axis 1P Controller The all new QuasiCon Axis is the only controller in the world with full analog joysticks and analog buttons. Compatible with nearly any game system, the Axis is easy to use and allows the player to take advantage of any game previously unplayable using a standard arcade controller. Designed specifically for those with fine motor disorders, the 1P QuasiCon Axis brings arcade gaming to your lap. (Note: QuasiCon Axis pictured on left with optional analog extensions)

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The Quasicon has received praise from the disabled community. People suffering fine motor impairments, such as spinal injuries, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and others find new life with the Quasicon's large buttons and joysticks. We have a history of customizing arcade controls for people with such conditions, and we are happy to be of assistance.

Here's a recent testimonial from an individual with cerebral palsy:

"The controller is great. I'm now able to play games that were completely unplayable before I found your company. Good examples would be Max Payne and Fight Night. It is hands-down the best controller I have ever used. I hope that you market more toward the disability community!" - Jason P.

QuasiCon Axis-2 1P Controller

QuasiCon Axis-2 1P Controller An updated design of the original 1p QuasiCon, the QuasiCon Axis 2 1P controller uses all the same high-quality arcade-style components as the QuasiCon Axis, but with the same button and joystick arrangement as the original QuasiCon and Arcade Station products.

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QuasiCon Axis-3 1P Controller

QuasiCon Axis-2 1P Controller The QuasiCon Axis 3 controller uses all the same high-quality arcade-style components as the QuasiCon Axis 1 and 2. Ideal for gamers with extremely limited mobility such as C-5 spinal cord injury.

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Analog Extension

Analog Extension The analog extension fits on top of the analog joysticks adding height and a larger grip, making them more ergonomic. Great for the disabled!

February 2010: "For somebody with poor fine motor skills, the new bigger extension handles are much easier to grasp, therefore easier to control whatever it is on your game that you are playing. Quasimoto definitely didn't leave disabled gamers on the bench, with the Quasicon Axis, you are in the game competing." - Bill A, with cerebral palsy